Patch Cafe – Auckland

I have been particularly impressed with the staff service Patch Cafe in relation to low vision Auckland. Here are a few examples which made my experience better over the last few days. I will put the names of staff that have done this over the last few days as a shout out to them.

I go to Patch alone and with friends, usually taking my long white cane. Staff generally greet me by name and if they ask me a question, always include my name in the sentence (All staff I have interacted with).

Suppose I am taking food away and have forgotten my backpack. I would usually ask for a bag because carrying a box and having my hands free for using my long cane and blocking overhanging trees can be challenging. I have noticed that staff automatically go for a bag and box without asking now.

Instead of pointing to a table like most other customers, they always ask me to follow them to a table (Gemma and Tish). Today there was only a table left upstairs, so Tish first asked if I wanted to use the stairs or ramp when we walked to a table. We took the stairs, and she asked if I wanted to be guided. I find this very uncommon in New Zealand but asking is appreciated.

I am exceeding adept at knocking over glasses of water when I don’t see them. Yesterday, Gemma (who is new) bought me a glass of water. She told me exactly where she had put it on the table, which was incredibly useful as I have knocked these over when they have been put down without telling me.


  • There is a small lip at the front doorstep as you enter.
  • A ramp and stairs are available inside to get up to the higher tables.
  • The Covid-19 QR Code is on the outside centre of the front door. If the door is left open, this is sometimes challenging. A second QR is inside to the right of the door as you enter about 1.5 m off the ground. A third is available from behind the counter if you ask for it.


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