The Free Store – Wellington

The Free Shop in Wellington is staffed by volunteers and repurposes food left at the end of a day from local restaurants and cafes from around Wellington.

Not only does the Free Store provide food for those in need, but it also has a volunteering opportunity for many like Grace, who has written the following review.

Review by Grace

I have been a part of the Free Store community since July last year. I was new to Wellington, and this community really helped me find my way in a new city.

I had previously suffered from mental illness and I have met people from all walks of life here it has become like a family for me. Everyone is welcome and able to contribute.

The Free Store makes space for anyone disabled in other parts of life to be able in this part of life. It is an amazing thing That has done wonders for me and many.

Thank you so much to Breahn – our general manager, that keeps it all together and running at the hardest of times to feed whoever is in need.


  • Someone will be there to assist you so that you can help out.
  • Mobile or not. There’s a job for everyone, regardless of their health condition.


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