Shout Out for Access to Event Cinema Queen St – Auckland

We have received the following contribution from a person who asked that their name not be shared on our website

I had not been to the movies for many years and decided to go to a movie I particularly wanted to see that none of my family were interested in seeing.

The only viewing at a convenient time was in the City Centre. I phoned the cinema to let them know I would be travelling with a guide dog and they were very receptive and ensured I had a seat with easy access to the door.

While the cinema itself wasn’t entirely accessible. There were a lot of stairs and escalators and lifts were difficult to locate.

This shout it is for the staff at the cinema. They went out of their way to find out what I needed without making assumptions. They offered my guide dog a bowl of water while we waited and were happy to find us when the theatre was ready plus accompanied us right to our seat. Which was a long way from the counter.

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