Shout out for Access Spotlight Glenfield

The attitude and knowledge of staff can make a big difference to access.

Today was my first visit to Spotlight Glenfield with my Guide Dog and not my cane. When we entered, a lady behind the counter pointed out the lift as we headed upstairs to the sewing and yarn area. I have shopped at this store since it opened (? 15 to 20 years ago) and only just discovered today it has a lift.

Guide Dog Sienna in Spotlight Glenfield
Guide Dog Sienna in Spotlight aisle waiting patiently.

When we entered the fabric area, a store assistant immediately approached and asked if she could help me find something which is fantastic and I had never had occur before I had a Guide Dog (but that is a story for another day).

She also offered to assist by marking the side of the sewing machine needle pack of four where the particular needle I needed was to make it easier to find as it was hard to see the difference between them in the set.

She automatically described things and read any small labels like the cotton so that I picked up the right one.

Just having a staff member understand how to assist instead of not approaching is a breath of fresh air and saved me the fatigue and stress finding small items can cause.

Shoutout to this staff member at Spotlight Glenfield.

Posted by Sally Britnell

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