Shout out for access … Bec at Max in Westfield Newmarket

A friend (Lisa with her Guide Dog Romy) and Guide Dog Sienna and I were on a mission to find Lisa a dress on sale.

As someone with low vision, I struggled to read clothing tags to find the right size and price of dresses. In true blind person style, I did my best at reading tags but got a few wrong. For example – this is a size 8 when it was a size 18 and also said look, this one is 30% off when it was 40%.

A staff member (Bec) offered to help and was able to correct my size and price errors. The shout-out is how she approached us, which was a breath of fresh air. With no judgement or assumptions, she asked, “if you don’t mind, it will help me to know how much you can see, so I know how to best help”.

My usual experience with shop assistants is often waiting apprehensively until I ask for assistance or assuming I can see nothing and need to feel everything. To be asked in this manner made our shopping experience more enjoyable and less tiring than usual.

Well done and thank you Bec – Lisa and Sally

Golden lab and black lab in guide dog harnesses waiting patiently.
Sienna and Romy chilling in the changing room waiting for us.

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