Shout out for access … Auckland Council

Recently I posted a story online about the difficulty of finding a post box (they had been removed) and as a person with a disability, I can not drive and rely on walking.

A drawn picture of a red post box.
A picture of a postbox

After recent floods I had received letter that asked for permission to enter my property to assess storm stormwater drains that run under it.

The issue was the only option to reply was by post and the postboxes nearby had been removed. Searches on then internet still showed them as being there. Meaning I walked over 4km to post box locations to reply by post with no success.

Today a representative of Auckland Council reached out asking for an appointment to discuss improving their processes for those with disabilities.

I look forward to the conversation as I have multiple suggestions for them, including a design process with accessibility at the beginning and engaging with disability organisations to streamline processes.

Good on the Auckland Council for first noticing and then doing something, beginning a process to do something about it.

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