Yet another shoutout for The Stoned Cow

The Stoned Cow in Auckland is a Cafe in Browns Bay that is dog friendly and caters to well behaved pet dogs and their humans.

Guide Dog Sienna and I went there for coffee this morning. We were welcomed at the door by a staff member. Found a table and my friend went off to the bathroom leaving us at the table looking at the large print / high contrast menu.

This cafe does not do table service and customers need to order at the counter. However, a staff member came up and asked if she could help in any way. I said no thank you and told her how much I appreciated the large print/high contrast menu.

She said I know your dog is working and I can not say hello until her harness is off but would she like a treat (all staff carry dog trays in their apron pocket). I said that was fine and she then asked if she was allowed to give it to Sienna or was it better if I did that.

I have had a run of people patting Sienna while she is actively guiding lately without asking and assuming I can see nothing at all. So this was a breath of fresh air to have someone well versed on guide dog etiquette.

The photo below is of Sienna waiting to be told it was OK to drink her Pupa-chino at the Stoned Cow this morning.

A golden lab guide dog with a small bowl containing a pupachino and treat in front of her.  Waiting for her release command.
Sienna waiting patiently to be allowed to have her treat.